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7 Jun 2019

When you own and run a business, you want to attract people to your space. You need them to step inside your showroom, walk around your resort, explore your boutique, or effectively find their way around the various floors and hallways of your hotel. Effective signage design and wayfinding systems can enable you to accomplish this.

A frustration common to the fast-moving and contemporary office space is the lack of directional and information signage. Visitors, employees and clients alike can frequently, feel intimidated when presented with a complicated and new environment.

A wayfinding is a clear and effective solution to this issue, but what precisely is wayfinding and how can your business benefit from it? In basic terms, wayfinding is a method of using space through signage, graphic design and typography. This visual system enables staff and visitors navigate their way through areas in a simple and natural way. An effective wayfinding can use a physical space so an individual can follow visual signs so as to easily find their way to their preferred destination.

When you realize how difficult it can in some cases be to enter a new building for the first time the benefits of implementing a Wayfinding Signage Design become very clear. Often, people are confronted with workplaces, corridors and entire floors ahead of them, however, without no directions specifying where they should go.

Being presented with visual instructions through a building to guide personnel is one immediate solution and advantage to having a wayfinding signage system in place. In any case, wayfinding signage systems can likewise integrate into an existing business environment in many other innovative ways.

Although primarily instructive, wayfinding systems can likewise be visually stimulating, decorative and can connect to already existing branding. Logo's and particular lettering and colour schemes are all potential ways in which an office can utilize wayfinding in order to impress identity, culture and company ethos as well as consistent uniformity throughout a space.

The wayfinding signage system can be as unique or as practical as needed. From the basic concept of marking each designated work area to full, expansive graphical guidance systems for larger spaces, this signage experience is an adaptive way to promote efficiency and present directional instructions clearly. A wayfinding can include wall graphics, window displays, laminate wall signage as well as floor and ceiling directional tracking graphics. Decoration, legibility, colour and typography are all conditional factors which can be utilized in order to highlight particular areas and environments.

With the implementation of Wayfinding Signage Design, employees and visitors can feel confident in their physical environment. Business benefits include immediate and accessible visitor information and clear journeying guidance for employees. This form of graphical mapping implies less dependence upon the need for verbal interaction thus improving productivity. The Wayfinding signage solution also promotes environmental self-assuredness throughout the workplace and building space.

The Wayfinding Signage Design is a distinct and progressive benefit to any business and brings an innovative and practical solution for conveying information in a clear and effective manner.


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